Smoked Wings Cafe Strudel West Columbia

Smoked Wings - Cafe Strudel - West Columbia 


Located on State Street in West Columbia, SC, Café Strudel is an eclectic funky restaurant where the walls are covered with works from local artists. The relaxed atmosphere is enhanced by a friendly staff and an unpretentious but unique menu. Café Strudel uses many locally produced products such as Brasstown Beef and Adluh Grits along with locally sourced fruits and vegetable to incorporate fresh flavors in their menu items.

During happy hour at Café Strudel, you can order wonderful chicken wings for an appetizer or to enjoy with one of their refreshing beverages. Café Strudel’s Smoked Wings bring together a wonderful combination of texture and flavor. The wings have a nice sticky crispiness on the outside from a sugared dry rub applied before smoking at the restaurant. On the inside, a juicy tenderness brings together the flavors in a nice balance between smokiness and spice. Visit Café Strudel to enjoy these wings and many other delicious dishes.


Cafe Strudel


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