Joseph Fields Farm

Johns Island, SC

One Saturday morning we decided to visit the downtown Charleston Farmer’s Market at Marion Square. The market was busy with people browsing and purchasing from food trucks selling prepared foods and farmers selling their local Carolina grown produce. One of the larger producers, set up at the back of Marion Square along King Street was Joseph Fields Farms. Despite being at the rear of the market, Joseph Field’s tents were buzzing with activity from customers. We decided to introduce ourselves and got to speak with Joseph Fields himself.

Though Joseph Fields has owned his own farm since the early 90’s, he has been a farmer since 1975. Mr. Fields is actually a certified welder by trade but says farming is his love. His parents taught him the principles of farming and it seems the delivering great produce from the Johns Island soil is in his blood.


He told us his farm is located on River Road, on Johns Island, South Carolina, “about 9 miles from here.” Here being the downtown Charleston Farmers Market. Yes only 9 miles from about dead center of Charleston, he grows some of the finest vegetables in the area. Furthermore, Mr. Fields told us proudly, “I am CERTIFIED ORGANIC!” Beautiful, fresh, healthy, flavorful and organic produce grown only 9 miles from the city center.




The 50 acres that Joseph Fields farms, the plantings are staggered in a way that allows for the best growing season for his fruits and vegetables. Among the produce Joseph Fields Farms grows are fruits like blueberries, strawberries and melons and summer vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, beans, watermelons, corn, scallions, onions, peppers, and okra.




Mr. Fields isn’t just busy tending to his farm. He is also busy getting his produce to market. He has tables full of great local produce at farmers markets around the area 6 days a week. He starts his week by Kiawah and Seabrook Islands at Freshfields on Mondays. Then on Tuesdays, he goes to the Mount Pleasant Farmer’s Market, followed by the VA Hospital, Downtown Charleston on Wednesday, North Charleston Farmer’s Market on Thursday, MUSC, Downtown Charleston on Friday and back again to Charleston’s Farmers Market at Marion Square.


We encourage you to get to one of these markets and support local farmers like the people who work at Joseph Fields Farm, who work so hard to provide these wonderful gems of nature. Local grower’s like Joseph Fields.


Joseph Fields Farm


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