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Pee Dee Squash Casarole

Enjoy this wonderful dish from the Pee Dee rgion of South Carolina


8oz panko bread crumbs

½ cup of butter

6 pats of butter

2 lbs yellow squash sliced

2 medium onions grated

1 or 2 carrots grated

1 tbsp fresh thyme

½ tbsp chopped fresh rosemary

½ tbsp chopped fresh sage

7 oz of heavy whipping cream

5 oz chicken stock

1 cup dairy sour cream

½ tsp salt

½ tsp pepper



Medium mixing bowl.

Medium pot

9x13 casserole dish (you can also use a baking pan)

Spoon or rubber spatula



Making squash cream

Put ½ cup butter, heavy cream, chicken stock in medium pot, bring to a low boil then reduce to a low simmer. Reduce by half to thicken.

When reduced by half add squash and onions. Cook until slightly tender.

Set aside to cool.

Making stuffing

Mix the breadcrumbs, thyme, rosemary and sage in the mixing bowl to make a stuffing mix.

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.

Making Casserole

Put the cream and squash mixture in the casserole dish.

Add half the stuffing mix, the grated carrots, sour cream, salt and pepper and mix thoroughly.

Smooth evenly throughout the dish.

Sprinkle the rest of the stuffing on top.

Put pats of butter on top distributing evenly.

Put in oven till light and bubbly. (Aprox. 35 minutes).



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