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Simple Carolina Oyster Stew

Oyster stew has long been a favorite in the Carolinas. Often this stew is made with few ingredients, highlighting basic flavors with its simplicity. Believed to be a creation of Irish Immigrants to the Carolinas, this milky concoction brings warmth and confort during the colder months in the Carolinas.




3 tbsp butter

1tsp salt

½ tsp black pepper

1 cup milk

1 cup half and half

1 pint oysters and oyster liquor (What’s This?) 1/4 cup clam juice or chicken stock can be substituted

Oyster crackers



Medium pot

Rubber spatula



Partially melt butter in the medium pot.

Add oysters and oyster liquor.

(If you don’t have oyster liquor use 1/3 clam juice or chicken stock).

Bring to a light simmer.

Continue to simmer until oysters start to curl on their edges.

Then add the milk, cream, salt and pepper.

Bring to a light boil while frequently “wiping” the edges and bottom of the pot with the spatula to mix in thickened cream and milk.

Reduce heat  to low once it begins to boil.



Ladle into bowls with even amounts of oysters.

Top with oyster crackers

Serve immediately, preferably in warmed bowls.

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