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Toasted Ham, Tomatillo and

Colby Jack Cheese Sandwich

Tomatillos are grown fresh here in the Carolinas and make a delicious substitute for tomatoes on sandwiches.



2 slices of bread

4 slices of deli sliced ham

2 tomatillos, sliced

Sliced cucumber, enough to cover a slice of bread

1 slice of Colby Jack cheese

Duke’s mayonnaise, enough to spread on a slice of bread

Salt and pepper to taste



Toaster oven



Place 1 slice of Colby Jack on 1 of the slices of bread.

Spread tomatillo slices on top of cheese covering the slice.

Place slice with cheese and tomatillos and the other slice of bread in the toaster oven and toast to a light brown.

Spread mayonnaise on slice of bread without cheese and tomatillos.

Spread cucumber slices over mayonnaise covering the slice of bread.

Salt and pepper over both the tomatillos and cucumbers.

Place slices of ham evenly over the cucumbers.

Put slices together.



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