Mark Smith - Mt Pleasant Town Council

Shem Creek Fisheries Wharf Seafood Market

Mark Smith, town councilman for Mount Pleasant, SC talks about the great Carolina Seafood brought to the historic Shem Creek docks and how Mount Pleasant started their own Fish Market.

Chefs of Carolina: I’m at the Mount Pleasant Fisherman’s Wharf market with Councilman Mark Smith here in Mount Pleasant, SC. How are you doing today Mark?

Mark: Hey, thanks for being here today. What a great day here in South Carolina. Were excited to have such a great turn out for our fishermen based out of Shem Creek to sell their catch.

Chefs of Carolina: Yeah, the market hasn’t even been open for two hours and they are just about sold out.

Mark: It really is great the turn out from the community to come out and support our fishermen. Whenever you drive over that Shem Creek bridge, you look over and see those shrimp boats tied up to the dock, that’s part of our history and part of what makes Mount Pleasant so unique and special, our Shem Creek historic district. Anything we can do to keep those shrimp boats tied up to those docks for generations to come will be a great privilege. Its great that our community has really responded to this market.

Chefs of Carolina: Yeah, with this turnout you really have to get here early to get this seafood. I’ve been told that you were instrumental in helping to get this Fish Market going. Where did the idea come from for this market?

Mark: Well, thank you so much. It’s nice that someone gave me the credit for that but the credit should go to our mayor and our entire town council who supported the idea. The town was on an economic development trip to San Diego and we were meeting with their city officials and county officials and they have a weekly fish market on one of their piers and they told us how it has had resounding success that’s been had over the years and how its helped their industry. So we, the town officials said, “Hey lets do this. Let’s do what works. Let’s not overcomplicate things. Let’s find a place that our commercial fishermen can sell their catch and make sure we’re doing our part as town government to protect these fishermen.

Chefs of Carolina: It seems like this has been a great success. Has it been like this every Saturday morning with the huge response the community is having?

Mark: You know its really nice coming out here early on Saturday morning and seeing the fishermen set up. They way this market area is set up, they can literally pull up in their trucks with their trailers in tow, drop the tailgate and set up transaction tables and scales and quickly go to business. They can also quickly clean up and pull out of here. Its uncomplicated and easy for them.

Chefs of Carolina: Mark, we really appreciate your time.

Mark: We appreciate the Chefs of Carolina for helping to get the word out about the Mount Pleasant Fish Market and I want to wish our local fishermen the best of luck. Thank you.

Chefs of Carolina: Thank you Mark. And like we said, you really need to get here early if you want to enjoy this great seafood the Mount Pleasant fishermen have to offer. Not even two hours since they’ve opened and they’re sold out. A lot of very happy people with a great dinner from local products.