While at the Johns Island Farmers Market, I spoke to Jim Lyle of Brick house farms. Jim had driven nearly 3 hours to the Charleston area since there is a great demand for his products, especially the grass fed beef. Brick House Farms provides a family friendly farm that is environmentally responsible, treating their animals humanely, while practicing sound animal husbandry. Jim's farm is located in Cherokee Country, SC near Gafney and Spartanburg. 


One suggestion. If you are looking to get one of Jim's great ribeyes, get to him early or he will be sold out!

Even though Brick House Farms main products are meats, eggs and milk, the first thing that caught my eye was a sign that said, “Shiitake Logs” so I dove right into that subject.


Chefs of Carolina: How are you doing Jim?

Jim: Great

Chefs of Carolina: I see you have some logs set up here labeled, “Shiitake Logs,” Can you tell us about these?

Jim: It’s a project of my young son, Mark Lyle, he’s the youngest certified mushroom forager in the states of South Carolina and Georgia. It’s a project we started to inoculate the logs. This particular one is a cherry log that we inoculate with the spores of shiitake mushrooms.

Chefs of Carolina: How much do one of these logs cost?

Jim: Smaller ones in the $20 range and the larger ones in the $30 and sometime up to $40.

Chefs of Carolina: Jim, you focus on grass-fed beef, pork and poultry, so how big is your farm?

Jim: The farm itself is about 1500 acres or so but a lot of that is trees but we do have pasture for the pigs and chickens and of course the cattle is all grass fed.

Chefs of Carolina: What are your most popular cuts of beef?

Jim: Of course in the steaks, there is always the Rib Eyes and we’re sold out of Rib Eyes today.

Chefs of Carolina: Oh yeah, I love the rib eye.

Jim: Yeah, there popular and of course the ground beef is always popular and in the wintertime its more of the roasts.

Chefs of Carolina: And the pork?

Jim: I guess the most popular thing in the pork is the maple sausage and garlic bratwurst.

Chefs of Carolina: Do you raise turkeys as well as chickens?

Jim: We do and we’ve transitioned out of as many of the Thanksgiving turkeys and we try to have them year around now.

Chefs of Carolina: What’s your favorite cut of beef?

Jim: Of beef? Believe it or not probably the sirloin.

Chefs of Carolina: Thank you for talking with us today Jim.

Jim: You’re welcome.

Brick House Farms