Jestine Clark-Cochran spoke to us at the Johns Island Farmers Market about her Fruit Creations and Catering. Jestine makes several homemade jellies jams and relishes including her Strawberry Jam, Pear Relish and Chow-Chow. Fruit Creations and Catering by Jestine is located in Ladson in Charleston Country, SC and you can find her products at local farmers markets including the North Charleston Farmers Market and the Johns Island Farmers Market.


Chefs of Carolina: Hi Jestine, How are your today?

Jestine: I’m just fine.

Chefs of Carolina: Tell us about Fruit Creations.

Jestine: We make fruit jams, jellies and cakes.

Chefs of Carolina: How long have Fruit Creations has been making jams and jellies Jestine?

Jestine: I was certified by the agricultural department last December for acidified foods like the chow-chow and pear relish. Two years before I was certified for the jams and the jellies. (What’s Chow-Chow? CLICK HERE)


Chefs of Carolina: What are some of your products?

Jestine: Apple butter, peach butter, pear butter, pear relish, peach preserves, blueberry preserves, strawberry preserves and chow-chow.

Chefs of Carolina: What’s your favorite of these products?

Jestine: None of them are my favorite but my niece says the strawberry jam is to die for but my most popular seller is the chow-chow and pear relish.

Chefs of Carolina: Well thank you for talking to us Jestine, it was a pleasure.

Jestine: Thank you too.


Fruit Creations and Catering by Jestine

Jestine Clark-Cochran

843 871 0224