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Captain Tommy Edwards Shrimp and Seafood

We spoke with Grace Edwards, wife of Captain Tommy Edwards, whose Mrs. Judy Too brings in Carolina shrimp to the docks of Shem Creek in Mount Pleasant. Mrs. Edwards was at the Shem Creek Fisheries Wharf Seafood Market. where she sells shrimp and calamari.

Chefs of Carolina: How are you doing Grace?

Grace: I’m doing wonderful. Thank you.

Chefs of Carolina: How did y’all come up with the idea to start this seafood market?

Grace: Councilman Mark Smith went to California and toured their fisheries market and came back to town and asked us (Mt. Pleasant shrimpers) if we’d like to start one.

Chefs of Carolina: How long have y’all been doing the market?

Grace: This our 5th week.

Chefs of Carolina: Have y’all seen this to be a success? It’s 9:15 am, you opened at 8 o’clock this morning and you’re already sold out of shrimp!

Grace: Yeah we sold about 400 pounds of shrimp in an hour and a half. We’re extremely pleased with the support were getting from all over. People are coming from Summerville, there coming from downtown Charleston, the islands and Mount Pleasant to support us and we really appreciate it.

Chefs of Carolina: And that’s great for y’all to get that support especially with the hard times shrimpers have had here. Y’all primarily sold from your boat before you did this, so how hard was it to get people to come down to the boat? And were you selling as much as rapidly as you’ve done here?

Grace: Well, we sell more in bulk. A few of the captains have just started this program of selling to the public. My husband, Captain Tommy Edwards, who owns the Mrs. Judy Too has pretty much been selling to the public for 20 years because he didn’t have a fish house. The other captains had a fish house but no longer have a fish house because of the economy.

Chefs of Carolina: There are a few different boats represented here and y’all seem to be working together.

Grace: Well, everyone has the same product every week and we all have the same price point so when people come down here its just a matter of who gets in which line as to who sells out first. (All the product brought by the shrimpers was sold out by 9:45am!)

Chefs of Carolina: Which boats are represented here today?

Grace: We have the Winds of Fortune, the Lady J and the Mrs. Judy Too. We also have a crabber that comes but he’s already sold out and is already gone this morning!

Chefs of Carolina: Whats your favorite way to eat shrimp?

Grace: My favorite way to eat shrimp, I like to cook them with the heads on with a little black and white peppercorns, a little olive oil and put them in a pan and heat it till it gets juicy. Then add a little lemon juice and then eat ‘em up.

Chefs of Carolina: Very nice! Well Grace we thank you for your time and insights.

Grace: You’re welcome.

Chefs of Carolina: If you’re in the Charleston area we highly recommend that you visit the Mount Pleasant Fisherman’s Wharf market, open on Saturday’s at 8am. Be sure to get here early and don’t miss out on the wonderful shrimp, blue crab and calamari fresh cough from our local waters.