Chef Greg Tatis is a true artisan cheese maker producing all his cheeses by hand. His goal has been to create local, healthy, and artisanally produced cheeses crafted and aged here in the Carolinas. 

Chefs of Carolina: I’m with Chef Greg Tatis of Charleston Artisan Cheesehouse at the Johns Island Farmers’ Market. How are you today Greg?

Chef Greg: I’m awesome!

Chefs of Carolina: How long have you been making cheese Chef and how long has Charleston Artisan Cheesehouse been open?

Chef Greg: Charleston Artisan Cheesehouse has been around for about six years, been making cheese for that long. Started as a chef and did that for almost 30 years and eventually fell into this.

Chefs of Carolina: What are some of the products you make?

Chef Greg: We mainly do a camembert style of cheese and we have variations of it. The Batter Park is our flagship cheese and we do variations of the Battery Park.

Chefs of Carolina: What are these variations you speak of?

Chef Greg: So we have French Quarter, which is a herbs de Provence. We have the Wild Boar black truffle and wild mushroom. We have the Spice Must Flow which has chipotle, and smoked paprika. And we have the Brittany Blue which is a line of Rutherford through the middle of the cheese.

Chefs of Carolina: Besides the Battery Park and its variations, what else are you producing?

Chef Greg: We do a cream cheese, fresh mozzarella, burrata, cheddar and our Chardonnay Wash, which is a hard cheese.

Chefs of Carolina: Tell us a little more about these cream cheeses?

Chef Greg: We do a line of cream cheeses, we call it cream cheese, which are more like a fromage frais. They are made the same way you do a goat cheese chevre. They’re very soft, creamy, acidic. Just excellent cheese!

Chefs of Carolina: What’s your favorite cheese?

Chef Greg: Mine is the Battery Park, the original, its just an excellent cheese.

Chefs of Carolina: Well thanks Greg, It was a pleasure.

Chef Greg: Thank you.


Charleston Artisan Cheesehouse