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Welcome to the Chefs of Carolina! We're glad you've decided to visit us and explore the great culinary tradions of the Carolinas. If there is one thing the Chefs of Carolina is about its simplicity. And not just sharing simple and easy recipies but also simplicity in the use of our website. We're sure you've have experiences like we have where recipe websites are too complicated, be it a difficult to make dish, webpages that are clutterd with too much fluff before you actually get to the recipe or advertisements and pop-up ads that make the page so slow to load. Yes, we've been frustrated by these things as well and will keep the Chefs of Carolina website as user friendly and simple as possible.

With that being said, yes there will be some ads and there will be products that sponsors pay us to review. After all, running a website like the Chefs of Carolina does not come cheap. But we will always be honest about what we recommend to our users. We will never endorse anything we don't like ourselves. As a matter of fact, if we don't think its good, it wont be on this site. And thats the other thing you can rely on at the Chefs of Carolina, NO NEGATIVITY. 

The Primary goals of the Chefs of Carolina are:

  1. Keep it Simple
  2. Always stay positive. NO NEGATIVITY.
  3. Provide our users with great recipes that are easy to use.
  4. Highlight many of the great foods, beverages, chefs, people and restaurants of the Carolinas for our users.
  5. Celebrate the great traditions of Carolina Culinary Cuisine.

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