What is Artichoke Relish?

Artichoke relish or more appropriately, Jerusalem Artichoke relish is a Carolina favorite. The process in making artichoke relish can be quite similar to making chow-chow although many artichoke relishes are congealed together than chow-chow. (Whats Chow-Chow? CLICK HERE). There are many different types of artichoke relish from varying regions but typically the relish consists of Jerusalem artichokes, onions, and bell peppers pickled with vinegar, mustard seed, turmeric, sugar, salt and other spices.

Artichoke relish goes great on a hamburger, sausage dog or a hot dog. It can also be used with fried fish, pork, fried green tomatoes, rice and cornbread. Beans such as black-eyed peas and pinto beans are often mixed with artichoke relish. But one popular use is topping greens, especially collard greens with artichoke relish. in particular, but any green can be complemented by artichoke relish.


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