Carolina Primavera

I’m sure most of you have heard of Pasta Primavera, but I decided to put my own twist on this classic dish using fresh Carolina products I picked up local farmers markets.  The farmers markets in the Carolinas are great places to get fresh products many of them organically grown and most at competitive prices to supermarkets.  Most of products  used for my Carolina Primavera came from three markets in the Charleston area, The Shem Creek Fisheries Wharf Seafood Market., the Downtown Charleston Farmer’s Market at Marion Square and the Johns Island Farmers Market, all of which are open on Saturdays.


All the ingredients are used in this dish came from these markets with the exception of the cream and chicken stock. The Mount Pleasant Fisherman’s Wharf market supplied me with some very nice medium sized white shrimp caught that very morning. At the Downtown Charleston Farmer’s Market I picked up organic red onion, and garlic from Joseph Fields Farm’s table. Then I got some very nice organic heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil and yellow summer squash from Brad Schaffer at the Johns Island Farmer’s Market. And finally, the pasta! I was able to pick up some beautiful saffron linguini as well as basil linguini from Rio Bertolini’s table at the Johns Island Farmer’s Market.


As I said before, I did have to stop at the supermarket to get cream and chicken stock. While I was there I needed one more item to complete this dish, country ham. I selected a nice Carolina product, Old Waynesboro Country Ham from Goldsboro, NC. This would add just the right saltiness to the dish.


After putting this dish together we sat down to eat and discovered all the great fresh flavors coming alive in the dish. Not one ingredient overwhelmed because each could stand up on its own. And but cutting down on the amount of cream by adding the chicken stock, it wasn’t too heavy as many cream based dishes can be. If you like to try this recipe, click on the link below.


Carolina Primavera Recipe


And support your local farmers, shrimpers, producers and fishermen. You’ll see links and numbers below for those who grew, raised or caught the products that went into this delicious dish.


Joseph Fields Farm

843 729 9606


Captain Tommy Edwards

843 442 2970


Fresh Lowcal Produce

Fresh Lowcal Produce @ Facebook


Fresh Lowcal Produce by Eco Breign on YouTube


Rio Bertolini’s


Old Waynesboro

Wayco Ham Co.


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