Carolina Culinary Cuisine

Carolina Primavera

Chefs of Carolina puts a Cackalaky twist on this classic Italian dish.  Fresh, locally produced pasta, produce and seafood were purchased at local farmer's markets and fisherman's wharf and used in this tasty dish.



What is Artichoke Relish?

Artichoke relish or Jerusalem Artichoke relish or Sunchoke relish is a Carolina favorite that consists of Jerusalem artichokes, onions, and bell peppers pickled with vinegar, mustard seed, turmeric, and other ingredients. 



Black Sea Bass

Black Sea Bass is a unique fish with a wonderful texture and flavor. Black Sea Bass has firm white meat that is flaky and a delicate and unique flavor. Balckfish can be cooked several ways including frying, roasting, baking, broiling even grilling. Chefs will often cook the fish whole or with the skin on as it gives a good presentation.



Carolina Chicken Bog

What exactly is Chicken Bog?

Chicken Bog is comfort food. Chicken Bog is stick-to-your-ribs goodness! Yet to put it simply, Chicken Bog is a type of pilaf dish. But it is really much more than that.



What is Chow-Chow?

There are many different types of chow-chow from varying regions but in the Carolinas the relish primarily consists of chopped cabbage, onions, and peppers pickled in a brine of vinegar, mustard seed, turmeric and other ingredients.



Carolina Blue Crab

Blue Crab has been important to the culinary traditions of the Carolinas since people inhabited the area. Its scientific name means Beautiful Savory Swimmer and if you’ve ever seen them swim you’d know why. Many of the great seafood recipes of the Carolinas have Blue Crab in them. 



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